Monthly Archives: May 2008

Tree Solutions Inspects Our Trees

Don Cox, a certified arborist with Tree Solutions, came to our property today and reviewed the trees. Using the inventory listing that we provided, Don walked around the entire property, inspecting the trees and confirming the species, size and health of each tree. He understood our project scope and requirements quickly, and knew exactly what […]

Drilling Holes to Monitor Water Levels

Considering the implications of a ‘seasonal perched water table’, we decided to have two holes drilled so we could monitor exactly what was happening with the water below grade. We engaged the drilling firm to return and drill two six-inch holes in the front yard. The first hole was exactly where the other hole was […]

Soils Report and Engaging Duquette Engineering

Jerry Freeman completed the soils report and gave me eight wet-signed copies. His report describes the perched water table and a hydrostatic pressure of 500 lbs per square ft. 17509-geotechnical-report-08-05-01-final This is what we were afraid of … We signed the engagement letter from Steve Duquette and sent him the soils report. We’re probably looking […]