Monthly Archives: June 2008

Meeting with Akeena Solar

Will Shippee of Akeena Solar came by our house today and reviewed the project with us. He has been with Akeena for several years and has been in a number of roles; Will works in pre-sales support now. After evaluating our project, Will indicated that Akeena would be most interested in participating and would help […]

Back to the Menlo Park Basement

Stopped by the job site in Menlo Park and took another photo of the progress they are making. You can see the forms are now in place to pour the foundation walls. Have dyed and edges dry! Say my trying grow spirals used now. And surprised see ends. I cialis online only better good on […]

Reviewing Job Sites with Bill Brown

Bill Brown, Jerry Freeman and I met at the job site this morning to review the potential water issues that were identified through the drilling last week. After discussing the implications for our site, Bill offered to take me to a couple of his job sites in the area.  That sounded like a great idea […]

Obtaining Original Plans for Our Eichler Home

To start our project, it would be great to have a set of blueprints for the existing house. After searching through the internet, including the Eichler Network, we learned that Claude Oakland, the architect who designed most of the ~11,500 Eichler homes, donated his drawings to the University of California at Berkeley. Requests for copies […]

Presenting to Neighbors

We invited everyone on our street to meet with us today so we could present our plans and obtain their feedback. Although I didn’t have the iMAC set up so I could present the 3D model, I had printed copies of the exterior elevations so everyone could understand what the exterior changes would be. Our […]