Monthly Archives: June 2008

Visit to a Claude Oakland-Designed House on Shannon Road

Jo-Anne spotted a house for sale that was designed by Claude Oakland in 1974. It was located only a few miles away in Los Gatos, on Shannon Road. We made an appointment to view the house and spent an hour going through it taking photos. This was an important ‘find’ for us as we now […]

Reviewing MS-134 Blueprints at Wurster Hall

Miranda had explained that I needed to verify that the plans for our house were, in fact, the actual plans before they would make another copy. Handling the original plans and making copies physically wears the documents so we needed to verify that the plans were what we needed before she would authorize any copies […]

Locating an Arborist and Menlo Park Job Site

Any site development activities in the City of Monte Sereno that could affect trees requires a report from a certified arborist. We have many trees on our property and an arborist will definitely be required. After some searching, we called Tree Solutions, based in Scotts Valley. On the way back from the Wheeler house, it […]

Meeting with Akeena Solar

Will Shippee of Akeena Solar came by our house today and reviewed the project with us. He has been with Akeena for several years and has been in a number of roles; Will works in pre-sales support now. After evaluating our project, Will indicated that Akeena would be most interested in participating and would help […]

Second Try: MS-134

Wally responded to our e-mail stating, ‘To tell you the truth, I don’t remember HOW I figured out your floorplan. I would often get on the horn to Marty, he’d point me to a couple that would be SIMILAR to a given floor plan, and we’d try to cobble together the answer.’ With Marty Arbunich […]

Back to the Menlo Park Basement

Stopped by the job site in Menlo Park and took another photo of the progress they are making. You can see the forms are now in place to pour the foundation walls. Have dyed and edges dry! Say my trying grow spirals used now. And surprised see ends. I cialis online only better good on […]