Flying to Canada

It was an early morning drive to SFO this morning.  Our good friend, Mike Calise, was very kind and drove me to SFO for my 8:30 am flight.

On the flight from SFO to SEA, I was fortunate to have the exit row window seat.  There was no one in the center seat and what looked like a frequent flier in the aisle seat.  He must have been a frequent flier as I booked the ticket some time ago and the aisle seat was taken (I am MVP with Alaska Airlines).

After we were in the air for a while, the flight attendants came by offering coffee and snacks.  I took the opportunity to speak with the person and we ended up having a conversation regarding renovations (yeah, go figure).

As it turned out, Eric worked with Citrix and recommended both his general contractor and the firm that made his cabinets.  I wrote a white paper for Citrix several years ago.

Eric gave me his card and offered to send me the contact information for both his general contractor and cabinet maker.

I will follow up with Eric shortly.

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