Presenting to Monte Sereno Site and Architecture Commission

This is it – the big day.  We are #3 on the agenda for Monte Sereno’s Site and Architecture Commission meeting tonight.  There are four commisioners and Marshall Anstandig is the chairperson.

To prepare for the meeting, we have seven letters from neighbors, five people lined up to speak, and three e-mails.  Everyone supports our application.

Bryan’s presentation was fairly factual and straight forward.  To help the Site and Architecture Commission, we asked Jerry Ditto to speak.  After we presented the project, the public hearing was opened and four people spoke in favor of our application.  With no other speakers, the public hearing was closed. 

Barbara Allen made the motion to approve our application for a Site Development permit and Lana Malloy seconded the motion.

Passed 4-0.  Yippee!

Now on to the application for the building permit.

The minutes were approved at the following meeting.

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