Monthly Archives: September 2008

Attending West Coast Green in San Jose

Steve Jackel of Jackel Enterprises was kind and provided us with complimentary tickets to West Coast Green in San Jose. The show was excellent – lots of relevant exhibits and we made excellent contacts. Seeing, touching and discussing the new, innovative products all in one place was a huge timesaver for us. We hope that […]

Original Items from 1969 Eichler

We would like to pass our original items from our 1969 Eichler to anyone that is interested in maintaining the original look and feel of their Eichler home. Accordingly, we placed an advertisement in the Eichler Network website. We offered our windows, doors and light fixtures to the other 15 homeowners on our street.

Deconstruction Permit from the City of Monte Sereno

In order to move forward, we separated the ‘deconstruction’ from the building permit. We applied for a permit to deconstruct the roof and center of the house, in order to continue with our project while the ordinance regarding projections into setbacks (for our window well in the front of the house) is being developed. The […]