Meeting with Steve Jackel to Remill Roof Decking and Beams

Steve Jackel, from Jackel Enterprises in Watsonville, came to the house today and reviewed the site. He explained that the wood could definitely be remilled, and he could draft a proposal and send it to us for review.

We would have to have the wood ready for loading, with a forklift, onto his truck when it arrived. The wood would go to his shop in Watsonville, where it would be cut in two, and then milled with a new tongue and groove.

Steve explained that often a bevel is put on lumber that is fitted with a tongue and groove so any differences in thickness are not pronounced. The existing boards have a 1/4 inch bevel that we find particularly annoying, as it creates many vertical lines in the roof and makes it look busy. We prefer simple and clean.

Before leaving, Steve asked if we would like to attend West Coast Green, in San Jose. If so, he will provide us with tickets. That was a kind gesture that we hope to accept.

Next step is for Steve to provide a proposal and estimate for us to consider.

We sent an e-mail for Steve, thanking him for coming to the site.

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