Deconstruction and Public Hearing at City Council Meeting

Today was a big day. First, Bryan returned from Argentina and started to realize the carnage left behind by the financial meltdown in the equity markets (our financing plans may change now). Second, the deconstruction has progressed nicely and needs to be completed now. Finally, there was a City Council meeting tonight and it will be the public hearing to amend the ordinance so our window well can go into the setback.

A big day …


The glass has been removed from the house and is stacked at the back of the property. This is a temporary location for a couple months. All the windows will need to be cleaned and ‘refinished’ but they will be reused in the remodeled structure.

Double-glazed Low-E Windows

Double-glazed Low-E Windows

There is now quite a pile of wood in the driveway. Each board will be reviewed with a metal detector to identify nails and screws, which must be removed prior to milling.

Boards Ready for Metal Detector

Boards Ready for Metal Detector

Here is one of the last views of our pool, before it is re-shaped into a rectangle. This is the view from the former Master Bedroom (which will be Kate’s bedroom in the remodeled structure).

View from Master Bedroom of Pool

View from Master Bedroom of Pool

Public Hearing to Amend Ordinance 10.06.110

With the public hearing tonight to change the ordinance, we rallied a couple key people in Monte Sereno to attend the public hearing and speak in favor of the amended ordinance.

Bob Karski, from Via Sereno, spoke in favor of the ordinance again (he also spoke on September 2).

As well, Betty Kunz attended the meeting and spoke in favor of the ordinance. Betty is a long-time resident of Monte Sereno and we have known her for some time. She made an interesting point – changing the ordinance will allow young families to expand their homes and stay in the area. She explained that young families should be encouraged to stay in Monte Sereno to help maintain a community.

Betty was excellent.

The vote? 5-0 in favor of amending the ordinance.


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