Meetings with Davis Energy Group and Meline Engineering

Bryan was up early this morning and on the road before 7:00 am.

His first stop was in Davis to meet with Davis Energy Group at 8:45 am.  To obtain LEED certification requires independent verification of the design and actual construction.  Davis Energy Group, located in Davis, CA, certifies buildings in northern California for the U.S. Green Building Council.

Bryan met with Patti Heath and Pepper Smith on time and presented our project to them.  They liked the project and everyone left the meeting feeling like it will be a good fit.  Next steps are for Davis Energy Group to send us a questionnaire and an agreement.

Next stop was Meline Engineering in Sacramento.  We engaged Lisa Meline and had been working with her and Josh Perkl since July but had not met either of them in person.

We met for almost 90 minutes in a conference room and walked through some of the remaining issues that needed to be addressed.  It was another good meeting and we’re looking forward to refining the geothermal design.

Leaving Sacramento, Bryan called Rusty Weston so schedule a lunch and vanilla latte.  He was available and we agreed to meet at the ‘usual’ Mexican restaurant in Lafayette.

As Bryan was driving, he called Matt Jung of 88HVAC.  Matt is a wealth of knowledge regarding geothermal and we needed to speak with him while the conversation with Lisa and Josh was still fresh.  We spoke and he gave us some deeper insight into the actual equipment alternatives that Lisa had outlined.  Also, Matt suggested that we visit one of his job sites on my way through Orinda.  That sounded great so Bryan took Matt up on the offer.

Lunch with Rusty was relaxed and fun.  After lunch, Bryan jumped on the freeway and then exited at Orinda.  It took a while to find the job site but it was worth the effort.  Matt has some excellent clients and he is definitely one of the most experienced with geothermal heat exchange projects in the Bay Area.

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