Buying a Pickup

Darren arrived last night and we woke up to pouring rain in the morning.

We surveyed the mud at the project site and weren’t too thrilled about getting wet.  Thus, we spent the day preparing for tomorrow, although we did get the first HDPE tubing threaded into one of the rebar cages.

Both Kel and Darren have told me that I need a truck. Both explained, independently, that a ‘work truck’ is required and it will yield a rapid payback through savings and not destroying my vehicle.

Kel zoomed through Craig’s List and sent me three recommendations. I reviewed the alternatives and selected one person to contact in Antioch.

It looks like Darren and I will be able to see the truck, a Dodge RAM 1500, on Sunday evening after we finish work. Darren’s flight back to Edmonton leaves on Monday morning at 6:30 am so the timing should work fine.

At the end of the day, Darren and I met with Michael Benison of MWB Pools and Spas. Michael outlined what we need to do to move forward. Everything looks good with Michael so it is a matter of making a decision. Darren liked Michael.

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