Bought a Davis Weather Station

In order to monitor the rain and winds on the building site, we bought a weather station today.

After reviewing the various systems, we decided on Davis Weather Stations as it appears to be the most scaleable and reasonably priced system available.

We reviewed a number of sellers and spoke with Ryan Wilhour, of Archer Trading Post. Ryan helped guide us through the product alternatives, and outlined the difference between wired and wireless models. Although our preference would be for a wired system, the wireless have more ports available for input modules. Thus, wireless is a more scaleable system.

We decided to buy a wireless system from Ryan.

We bought a Davis 6152 Pro2 Wireless Weather Station with a Davis 6510 USB port datalogger and software. It is being delivered and should arrive on Monday.

Setting up and configuring the weather station may take some effort; the benefit will be that we will know the wind speeds and precipitation so we can understand exactly what is happening on our job site.

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