Monthly Archives: January 2009

Our Gopher is Back!

It was a beautiful, blue-sky California day.  And our gopher was back. With all the construction activity over the last couple months, we were sure that we had annoyed everyone, including the gopher in the front yard.  NOT. It was a bitter-sweet sight this morning – a fresh gopher mound.  (At this point, we’re not […]

Waterproofing the Mat Slab with Preprufe 300R

Detail, detail, detail … Waterproofing is all about detail.  One must take great care to ensure that all the overlaps are done correctly, the seams are taped, and the work is done thoroughly at all times.  And, of course, to work quickly and expeditiously. Our site had a number of Bill Brown’s team working in parallel – […]

Waterproofing Starts

We’re now seeing some very visible progress on the site.  Of course, most of the progress is ‘infrastructure’ and, once completed, will not be seen again. For example, the rigid insulation (Dow High Load 40), is now neatly in place and ready to be hidden by the waterproofing. As well, the first waterproofing was completed […]