First Blog Entry from Site Office

A milestone.

This is my first blog entry directly from the temporary site office.

Cousin Dean from Ottawa reviewed the blog site this morning and gave his approval to continue. Well, maybe not his explicit approval – he must approve as Dean signed up for the automated update link (over at the right and scroll down a bit).

I unpacked the ‘goodies’ from Weird Stuff this afternoon and am now settling into the site office. The conference table is a used test table; heavy duty with a power strip to minimize the need for electric outlets (just need to run a heavy power cord from the 20 amp temporary power). Some shelving would be nice – get everything off the floor and tidy things up. Yes, lots more to do, but this is a milestone.

The white board is looking OK. My ‘lesson learned’ today is that a used white board should be clean. Thus, one will be able to see if there has been any permanent markers used on the white board. I’ll need some solvent to clean off the white board.

White board in temporary site office.

White board in temporary site office.

You can see the notebook on the new conference table. Yes, the windows are cleaner than yesterday, but still need a good scrub. Getting the windows spotless will take some effort …

Ready for the first blog entry from the temporary site office.

Ready for the first blog entry from the temporary site office.

The focus this week will be on the project plan and schedule. Overall, we’ve been progressing without a detailed project plan but it is now time to focus on the schedule. And get the subcontractors in place. We’ve made many contacts since April 2008 and it is now time to follow up and see who is interested in working on our project.

It will be yet another busy week.

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