Our Gopher is Back!

It was a beautiful, blue-sky California day.  And our gopher was back.

Our gopher is back!

Our gopher is back!

With all the construction activity over the last couple months, we were sure that we had annoyed everyone, including the gopher in the front yard.  NOT.

It was a bitter-sweet sight this morning – a fresh gopher mound.  (At this point, we’re not going to invest in ‘Gopher John’ to come for a visit.)

We were able to get the invitations to the ‘Open Hole Party’ sent today.  Most via e-mail with hard copy for everyone on Via Sereno.  (Yes, the hard copy had ‘Open Hole Tour’ as the subject line.) 

This open house (or open hole) event will be the pilot – a starting point that we will be able to improve upon.  We have a quorum for Saturday, so it should be fun for all.

Oh … the construction activities?  The waterproofing continued today.  Everything is looking fine.

Waterproofing continues.

Waterproofing continues.

Just need to manicure the construction site on Friday so we can impress our guests on Saturday.

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