New Static Page with Architectural Drawings

Several people have been asking about the floor plans for our remodel so we invested the time to create a new static page that includes most of the architectural drawings.

Here is the updated ‘map’ of the static pages:

>>> Project Overview
         >>>  House Plans
                   >>> Main Floor Remodel
                   >>> New Lower Level
         >>>  Drawing Sheet Index
         >>>  Integrating Design Elements with Resource Efficiency
         >>>  Project Timeline

Other feedback that we received included comments regarding how difficult it was to navigate through the static pages.  We’ve included new navigation on the Project Overview page and sub-pages.  Look ok now?

We understand and appreciate that some of the jpg images of the floor layouts on certain of the static pages need to be of a higher quality (and that will be for the next rainy day).

Take a look at the Drawing Sheet Index and click through to see PDFs of individual archhitectural drawings.  What do you think?

This detail should help you to understand our project much better.

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