Monthly Archives: March 2009

Detailing the Preprufe 160R Waterproofing

‘No leaks, I promise’ said Bill Brown. Waterproofing Penetrations of the Membrane Bill Brown’s team prides themselves on doing excellent work.  Excellent work includes taking care of all of the details.  When there is ground water and 500 psf of hydrostatic pressure, detail matters. The reinforcing steel is held at least two inches away from […]

Establishing the Four Corners of a Hole

It wasn’t easy. Problem We are putting a lower level under our existing structure so knowing where the four corners are should be easy, right?  The existing structure is being supported by concrete columns holding a double I-beam, which the existing East and West walls are bolted to.  These walls are anchored laterally to the […]

More Platinum in Palo Alto at 102 University Avenue

Bill Brown called Bryan just before noon and asked if he could be in Palo Alto to look at some concrete walls. ‘No problem – meet you there,’ said Bryan. Background 102 University Avenue is a mixed-use development that is pursuing LEED Platinum certification.  The sign at the project site outlines the key features of […]