Pausing for Sunshine …

The sun rose at 6:34 am this morning.  It was comforting to see the sunshine so the urgency to check the pump status was diminished slightly.  The days are getting longer and it will be nice to ‘spring ahead’ on Sunday morning.

Arriving at the job site, the pump was working and the water coming down Via Sereno was down to a trickle.  Still flowing, but just a trickle.  The sunshine was nice although there were periodic rain showers as large, dark clouds came in from the Pacific.  Overall, it rained almost a tenth of an inch today (0.08 to be precise).

The water coming down the street has slowed to a trickle.

The water coming down the street has slowed to a trickle.

The current forecast is for rain and we need to have 0% probability of rain when we pour the 14 inch structural slab.  Given the forecast is for rain, we’re waiting.

Our inspection on Monday morning identified some inconsistencies in our documentation so that document is being put into place.  Coordinating documentation across the engineering and design team, including the shop drawings and layouts, is a chore.  Given the rigor, in the end our plans will be the same as our ‘as built’ documentation (which is what it should be).

Since we have a pause, we’re working on other parts of the project.  For example, we need to fine-tune our window and sliding door requirements.  Our Title 24 performance exceeds (is better than) the required baseline by 72.9%, we need to use the Energy Pro model to change some of the technical specifications on the windows and sliding glass doors to lower the cost.

Importantly, we worked on the window well and stair well detail designs today.  These details are important as we need to establish the concrete curb height and width in each of these locations.  Also, this detail forces us to understand the interior details, including soffits for air ducts and plumbing in the lower level.

All the time, we’re keeping an eye on the weather forecast.

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