Ready for Signoff to Pour Concrete on Wednesday

We moved quickly today and will be pouring the structural slab on Wednesday morning.

Bryan met with the City of Monte Sereno just after they opened this morning.  He learned that there were two issues with the plans that were submitted last week.  No problem – off to Duquette Engineering.  While driving to the Duquette offices, Bryan spoke with Thien, who was able to work on the changes so they were complete upon Bryan’s arrival.

After reviewing the changes with Bryan, Thien printed three copies of the four sheets.  Steve met us and signed the sheets.

Updated plans ready for Steve Duquette's signature.

Updated sheets ready for Steve Duquette to sign.

Back to the City of Monte Sereno and the updated sheets were submitted by 11:00 am.  Cool.

Quick call to Bill Brown Construction who said that, since we didn’t have a completed inspection, they couldn’t confirm the concrete order with Granite Rock for Tuesday.  After ensuring that Bill Brown had the resources available, they pushed the pour to Wednesday morning.

Jorge pulls back the tarps on the west wall, so we're ready to pour concrete on Wednesday.

Jorge pulls back the tarps on the west wall to prepare for the pour on Wednesday.

Final check with the City of Monte Sereno, who stated that, if the correct rebar is in place as per the plans, the inspection will pass.  Since a change had already been identified, we will need a letter from Duquette Engineering stating that the rebar was in place as per their plan except where the #5 dowels were replaced with #8 dowels.

Another call to Thien, and he said that he will draft the letter.  The letter will be ready for pickup by the end of the day.

The City of Monte Sereno called before noon and said the plans had been approved and the approved drawings needed to be inserted into the Job Copy of the plans.  Back to City Hall to swap out the superceded sheets and put in the new, freshly signed sheets.

The sun continued to shine.

Sunshine forecasted all week with 0% probability of rain.

Sunshine forecasted all week with 0% probability of rain.

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