Springing Ahead and Sunday Afternoon Visitors

We lost an hour of sleep last night but gained an hour of working time going forward.

Bryan was on site this afternoon, cleaning up after all the rains last week.  Our privacy fence was looking a bit tattered so we used new nylon ties to support it to the chain link fence.  It looks much better now.

Since it was another beautiful, sunny day, we opened the gate to indicate that we were on site, knowing that one of our friends see the open gate as they were driving along Winchester and drop by.  We like having visitors.

Yes, someone stopped by to say hi – Lena and Worth Walters! 

Lena surveyed the site (but didn't want to walk on the rebar!).

Lena surveyed the site (but didn't want to walk on the rebar).

Both Lena and Worth were at our ‘Open Hole (vs. House) Party’ on January 31.  They were impressed with our progress since then and have been following our blog.  They wanted to see the reinforcing steel before we poured the structural slab and hid it forever.

Worth and Bryan reviewing the site.

Worth and Bryan reviewing the site.

We have a big week coming up as the structural slab will be poured.  Just need to have the inspection signed off by the City of Monte Sereno and have some dry weather.

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