Monthly Archives: April 2009

Papering the Design

‘Just get your engineers to document what has been built,’ Howard said at 3:00 pm.  ‘Then, no interpretation will be required.’  It was a busy day. Sustainability Breakfast Eric Venzon, Chris Hill, Daniel Bettencourt and Bryan went to the Silicon Valley’s ‘Sustainability Breakfast‘ this morning.  It was outstanding! The event, hosted by the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business […]

Parking in the Driveway

It is satisfying that we have finally reclaimed the real estate at the front of the house and can [almost] park in the driveway.  Yeah! Compaction Testing by HP Inspections We had HP Inspections perform four compaction tests this morning.  These tests were of the soils that were distributed and compacted on Saturday.  The test results […]

Getting the Dirt on the O’Briens

The first truckload of dirt from the O’Brien’s site on Reservoir Road arrived at 8:45 am this morning. Backfilling and Compacting Soil Around the Foundation Retaining Walls We received 10 truckloads of soil today and had it distributed and compacted in 8 inch lifts.  Given the OSHA cuts at the front of the house, the […]