Connecting the Sanitary Sewer Lines

Sewage flows down hill.

Connecting the Sewer Lines

We have three sewer lines that need to exit the house.  One line is from the west side of the main floor, another from the kitchen area, and the third from the sewage ejector in the lower level.  All three sewer lines must flow with gravity to the sewer line at the street (Via Sereno).

To flow, the sewer lines must be higher than the connection at the street.  Sewage does not flow up hill.

The sewage ejector pushes the sewage up, so it can exit the house at whatever elevation is required and then simply flow down hill to the street.  The sewer line from the kitchen is small, and can exit the house at the kitchen and then flow to the connection to the street, or it can exit at the side of the house and flow to that connection.

The tricky one is the sewer line exiting the west side of the house as it must be high enough to have sufficient drop to the connection at the street while, at the same time, being low enough to pick up waste from the three bathrooms and the laundry room on the main floor.  If it is too low then … it simply won’t work.


We didn’t know where the sewer line was capped from the street.  Locating the sewer line took more than two hours and multiple phone calls.  It was buried in the dirt behind the south window well.  Once we found it, Bryan spray painted it red.

Capped sewer line to street, spray painted red.

Capped sewer line to street, spray painted red.

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