Forming the Feature Concrete Wall in the Dining Room

Bryan met Bill Brown at the project site this morning to review progress.  Bill assessed the remaining tasks and decided to complete the remaining shotcrete walls on Thursday, April 30.

Shotcrete Schedule

We are using shotcrete for the interior walls in the house, including the 18 ft high feature wall in the atrium and kitchen.  There are two walls under the garage, which will be formed on one side and shotcreted.

The interior concrete feature wall in the dining room was to be completed after the hollow core concrete panels were installed on the main floor.  This would require all the shotcrete infrastructure (i.e., pumper truck, nozzleman, etc.) at that time.

Bill assessed the site and concluded that his team could form the concrete feature wall in the dining room on top of the concrete retaining wall and, using scaffolding, the Dees-Hennessey team could shotcrete this feature wall on April 30.  Thus, all the shotcrete would be completed at one time.

Jorge ordered more scaffolding.

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