Monthly Archives: May 2009

Picking Up the Conveyors

Our good friends from West Coast Cranes arrived right on time this morning. We packed up the conveyors and sent them home. Yeah! Picking Up the Converyors We scheduled the crane to arrive at 10:15 this morning and the truck from United Rentals at 10:20.  Then, the truck from Bill Brown Construction Company should arrive […]

Filling the Void … Done!

It was a struggle to the end. And now, we’re done. Problems with the Conveyor We had a problem with the first conveyor.  It stopped and United Rentals sent a maintainer to fix it.  It required parts, which we couldn’t wait for so we finished moving the remaining soil with wheelbarrows.

Conveying the Dirt

It was tough going … filling and compacting the void. Continuing the Process Yes, the conveyors were a bit finicky and fussy today.  We had a number of starts and stops, but made significant progress. Unfortunately, due to the shape of the void (i.e., an inverted right triagle, we made visible progress quickly and then […]