John Minton Reviews Our Project

We were honored to host John Minton’s visit today.  John is the Chief Engineer with Hanson Structural Precast, and supplied our hollow core concrete panels.  John is in the L.A. area and works in Hanson’s offices in Irwindale, California.

John Reviews Our Project

We have a tiny project with only 48 panels.  During our design and planning, John was always available to answer our questions and help resolve technical issues.  He starts working early so Bryan would call him between 6:00 and 6:30 am, knowing that John would probably answer on the first ring.

John and his wife, Lynanne, and son, Brian, were to attend a family event in Hillsborough and, since they were flying into SJC, they could all stop by our project site for a few minutes.

His family was very patient while John and Bryan discussed the structural aspects ahead of us.

John Minton, and his wife and son visiting our project site.

John Minton, and his wife, Lyanne, and son, Brian, visiting our project site.

Flattening the Camber in Our Hollow Core Concrete Panels

One of the issues that we needed to understand is how and when the camber would come out of the hollow core concrete panels.  John explained that, as soon as we put the 3 inches of structural concrete over the 6 inch hollow core concrete panels, one-half the camber would come out.  Then, the remaining camber would come out over a couple years.

We discussed various strategies to accelerate the flattening of the panels.  John explained that the fastest way to get the panels to flatten would be to put load on the panels.

The alternatives that we have include:

1. Pour the 3 inches of structural concrete then put the remaining posts/walls in place, and then the roof.  This would increase the load, and then pour the final 2-1/4 inches of concrete.


2.  Pour the 5-1/4 inches of concrete in one monolithic pour.

We’ll need to think this one through …

John Minton and Bryan.

John Minton and Bryan.

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