Putting Our Project on ‘Hold’

Bill Brown’s words were still ringing in Bryan’s ears. 

“The bridges, railings and stairs are critical to your project.  These are what everyone will touch and feel.  The hardware on the railings are like jewelry – don’t make a mistake.”

Stopping the On Site Work

Given that we had not designed, engineered, fabricated or installed the bridges and stairs, we had to stop our on site work.  This is not good as our move-in date will slip for every day that it takes until the bridges and stairs are installed.  We have more concrete to pour but can’t do that until the bridges and stairs are in.

And, the walls and roof can’t start until the concrete is poured.

Once the roof is on, we need to have the membrane installed on the flat roof, and the shakes on the gable roof.

Then, the rains can come.

Time is of the essence, again.

Oh, another recommendation by Bill.

“Hire someone to manage your construction.” 

Good advice.

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