Monthly Archives: July 2009

Designing the Bridges, Railings and Stairs

Bryan keeps hearing Bill Brown’s words, “The bridges, railings and stairs are critical to your project. These are what everyone will touch and feel. The hardware on the railings are like jewelry – don’t make a mistake.” Although Jo-Anne, Nik, Kate and Lucky are in Kelowna, Bryan continues to focus on designing the bridges, railings […]

Hosting Paul Marcaccio’s Visit

Paul had a narrow window to fly into San Jose for a quick site visit.  He did. Catching Up with Paul Since Jo-Anne, Nik, Kate and Lucky (the puppy) were in Kelowna, Bryan was extremely flexible and could host Paul’s visit and meet whatever timing was required.  Due to a number of issues, Paul caught […]

Fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska

Three generations went fishing today.  John, Bryan John and Nikolas John.  And then we had the celebration dinner. Fishing in Ketchikan Having three generations go fishing on a beautiful day in Alaska was memorable.  Ketchikan receives over 13 feet or rain each year and there aren’t many sunny days.  There wasn’t a cloud in the […]