Hosting Ute and John Rider

Ute called me yesterday and mentioned that she saw our construction blog and was most interested in seeing our cistern.  She is completing a project in Los Altos and would like to include a rainwater catchment system, including a cistern.

Ute explained that she is a client of John Rider.

Hosting the Site Visit

Ute arrived at our site and Bryan took her on a full tour.

After the tour, Ute called John and he dropped by for a quick visit.

John Rider and Ute on site.

John Rider and Ute on site.

Lana Malloy and Don Perry Visit the Site, Too

Just as John and Ute were leaving, Bryan spotted Lana Malloy, one of the Council members with the City of Monte Sereno, walking on Via Sereno.  Lana was on VIa Sereno to review the sidewalk by Winchester Boulevard.  Given she had not seen our project site since construction started, Bryan took the opportunity to give Lana a quick tour.

Lana was on Monte Sereno’s Site and Architecture Commission before joining City Council in November 2008.  She was on the Site and Architecture Commission that approved our site development permit in July 2008.

Just as Lana was leaving, another Council member came by.  Don Perry had to review the same sidewalk area on Winchester so, after doing so, he was able to see our project site.

Council members Don Perry and Lana Malloy on Winchester Boulevard at Via Sereno.

Monte Sereno council members Don Perry and Lana Malloy on Winchester Boulevard at Via Sereno.

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