Pouring Rain and New Solar Generation Laws in California

It was quite a day today:

  • The forecasted rains arrived, with full force.
  • Our Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed and vetoed numerous bills on Sunday evening, which were announced this morning.
  • The City of Monte Sereno is working on our proposed sign ordinance.
  • Insulspan advised us that we need to complete the shop drawings immediately otherwise our delivery commitment will not be met.

Oh, and Jo-Anne was in Washington, D.C. for the day.

(Yes, Wendy, Bryan did mail the package to you for Elizabeth this afternoon! They said it would take ~10 days or so.)

We Can Be a Net Generator of Electricity!

This was a big, big day for the solar photovoltaic industry in California.  Gov. Schwarzenegger signed bills AB 920 and and Senate Bill 32 that will allow us to generate more electricity than we consume and get paid for that .  On January 1, 2011, Californias will be able to sell electricity to the grid, at rates to be determined.

The impact on us is that we will be able to install an additional 16 photovoltaic panels on our roof, bringing the total to 48.  At 175 watts/panel, this will be an 8.4 kW system.

We need to think through how the changes will affect our strategy.

At first blush, we are thinking that we will set everything up for 32 panels and then, on December 15, 2010, buy and install another 16 panels so we have all of our roof-top real estate in photovoltaic panels that are fully functional on January 1, 2011.  Our thinking is that the performance of panels will continue to increase and the cost of panels will drop, so we will have better panels at a lower cost by waiting.  Plus, there is no incentive to install more than 32 panels until the new laws are in effect on January 1, 2011.

 Monte Sereno’s Sign Ordinance

Brian Loventhal, City Manager for Monte Sereno, called Bryan today with an update on our proposed changes to the existing ordinance.  Brian explained that the ordinance cannot direct the ‘content’ of signs so we need to change it.  He is researching what other municipalities have done with their sign ordinances and hoping that we can leverage their efforts.

It was nice of Brian to follow up with us.

 Completing the Shop Drawings for Insulspan

This has been Bryan’s focus for quite some time now.  We need to complete our shop drawings and have Insulspan manufacture our SIPs.  Well, Insulspand called Bryan today and explained that we need to send in the marked up shop drawings otherwise the committed delivery schedule will not be met.

Bryan worked with Joel Lemons at Jrider + Design today and will complete the shop drawings tomorrow.

Our First Winter Storms Arrive and Pound Us

The first winter storms of the season arrived, according to our Davis weather station, at 3:30 am this morning and dumped 5.75 inches of rain on us by 6:00 pm.

Out site has weathered the storm, so far, in reasonably good shape.  The maximum wind speed was ~30 mph and the forecast is for that to taper off, so we’re probably going to be fine.

The rainfall flooded our basement to the level of our ‘curb’ to the exterior stairwell, where the drain goes to our sump pump.

All in all, we’re in reasonable shape until Wednesday.

The site was a bit damp today.

Our site was a bit damp today.

This should dry out in a week.  Or so.

This should dry out in a week. Or so.

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