Update on the Margarido House

The Margarido House, a LEED-H Platinum certified house located in Oakland, is being offered for sale.  It looks like the estimated selling price is in the $6 million range.

Excerpts from ‘On the Block‘ (San Francisco Chronicle):

If you live in the Bay Area and are even remotely interested in homes and real estate you will have heard of the Margarido House. Completed last year, this contemporary, 4,600 sq ft home in Oakland’s Upper Rockridge was the first custom home in northern California to be awarded a LEED-H Platinum certificate for its wealth of eco-responsible elements.

It is also a home that has been deluged with media coverage — including in this paper which devoted two full features to the house shortly after it was built — for it is undoubtedly a thing of beauty with many design attributes.

And now this “celebrity” home could be yours. For it is coming on the market soon, reputedly for around $6 million. The price tag, if confirmed, will make it by far the most expensive listed home in Oakland. Only nearby Piedmont can usually command such stratospheric prices. And McDonald has some stiff competition in the limelight department. The second most expensive home in Oakland is just up the street in his own ‘hood and is owned by none other than Green Day’s lead vocalist Bilie Joe Armstrong. Built in a more traditional style than the Margarido House, it listed last month for $4.85m.

Touring the Margarido House

Scott Andersen, Bill Brown and Bryan toured the Margarido House on January 10, 2009 and Bryan attended two events there, the first on April 30, 2009 and the second on June 18, 2009.

Mike McDonald, builder and owner of the Margarido House, was an incredibly gracious and patient host for our tour in January.  He answered every question we asked, and ensured that we understood his answers.  He shared his deep insight with green building techniques and challenges, and offered advice so we could take advantage of his experience building the Margarido House and obtaining LEED-H Platinum certification.

Mike put Bryan on his mailing list and invited Bryan to several celebrations at the Margarido House.  Bryan, of course, attended each event (not one to pass up a party!).  These events were great for networking and served to broaden and deepen Bryan’s knowledge of green building.

We wish Mike and his family the absolute best as they will be moving on to another home.  We know they will miss the spectacular views of San Francisco from the Margarido House and they will forever cherish their memories of living in such a beautiful home.

Yes, we’re looking forward to seeing what Mike will build next for his family.

Stay tuned …

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