Monthly Archives: January 2010

Building Soffits in the Lower Level

We really don’t like soffits. Why Soffits? We need soffits in the lower level so we can do the following: 1. Insulate our exposed steel beams that span the exterior stair well and exterior window well. 2. Create space for air ducts for our diplacement air ventilation and allow ventilation in the bathrooms. 3. Define the […]

Recovering from the Wind and Rain

After being pounded by the winter storms, our site needs some love. Repairing the Storm Damage The winter storms blew over a segment of our fence along Winchester Boulevard.  This fence, five feet inside our property line, will be replaced one foot inside our property line after we complete our project. The team from Earth […]

Returning to California

After being away for five days, we were anxious to return to California and see how our job site was doing, given the huge rains while we were away.

Making a Moat with Sandbags Around the Atrium

We’re leaving tomorrow evening (Monday, January 18) for a week in St. Maarten and heavy rains are forecasted through the week, especially Wednesday, January 20.  Our framers were very busy last week and we want them to be able to continue working through the week. Making a Moat with Sandbags Since the atrium is open […]