Monthly Archives: February 2010

Flying the Canadian Flag!

We were all excited to see the outcome to the Gold medal game for Men’s Ice Hockey at the 2010 Olympics this afternoon. And we flew the Canadian flag at the job site to celebrate the win in overtime! Note, this is the same flag that Bryan was waving at the Gold medal game for […]

Leaving Bainbridge Island and Returning to San Jose

Bryan’s flight was at 9:35 from SEA to SJC. Bob was extremely kind and made Bryan a latte before he left for the ferry to Seattle. Leaving Bainbridge Island Bob printed detailed instructions so Bryan could make his way to the ferry terminal on Bainbridge Island and then from the Seattle ferry terminal to Sea-Tac […]

Touring the Insulspan Manufacturing Facility and the Wise Houses

It was impossible to get up to Whistler in a rental car so Paul and Bryan went to see the Olympic snowboarding at Cypress Mountain.  Unfortunately, it started raining heavily so they left.  On his way out of Vancouver, Bryan took the opportunity to visit the Insulspan manufacturing facility in Delta.  Then, he enjoyed full […]

Working with a Crane

The heavy rains yesterday were depressing as we thought of working with a crane today.  Fortunately, we enjoyed a dry and sunny day! We had four tasks for the crane, and we completed them all.  Our crane operator today was Jose Melendez, and he continued to show why we like working with West Coast Cranes:  He was safe, knowledgable, expeditious […]

Bringing Our Reclaimed Beams Home

We completed several tasks on our critical path to completing our SIP roof today.  An important task was to have all of the beams on site so they could be graded.  Having our beams is critical so the structural framing can be completed on the ground floor so we can move the SIPs onto the […]