Monthly Archives: August 2010

‘Tyveking’ Our Roof

OK, ‘Tyvek’ isn’t a verb.  But, then again, neither is ‘Google’.  But everyone ‘Googles’ people, materials, terms, etc.  We ‘Tyveked’ our roof today. Dave Edwards’ two-person team from Earth Bound Homes worked all day putting building wrap (Tyvek) over the flat and gable roofs.  The Tyvek needs to be in place before Akeena Solar puts […]

‘Laying In’ Our Natural Gas Connection with PG&E

After two failed inspections, we passed our natural gas inspection on Wednesday, 08/18/10, so we could have the PG&E team connect our natural gas line to the main going up Via Sereno.  Today was [another] a big day.  After the natural gas was connected, Bryan ensured the natural gas lines were covered with 6 inches […]

Verifying Our Insulation Performance and Value

We are getting closer to putting the tapered insulation down on our flat roofs so we can put the membrane on and get water tight.  Before doing so, we verified that the SIP roof has no ‘voids’ in the insulation where the individual pieces come together.  In anticipation of the next step, becoming weather tight, […]

Scheduling Our Trench Inspection with PG&E

We finished the trench work for our natural gas and electric service lines from PG&E today.  Bryan called for the first inspection and was fortunate to schedule the appointment for tomorrow (08/04/10).  However, our PG&E Project Manager, Nathan Lee, cautioned us that the next available ‘lay in’ was two weeks out. Meeting with Allan Courtney […]