Preparing for More Rain Showers

The days are getting shorter and the probability of rain increases every day.

We continue to address the details required to be completely weather tight.

And, no quotes on the door hardware today.

Addressing Details

The installation of our Kitchen door was almost completed today.  It was roughed in with shims but hasn’t been sealed to be weather tight yet.  That should be relatively easy.

Also, we’re drilling holes in the gable ends (rakes) and verifying that the electrical chases in the center of the SIP roof are completely clear.  Bryan picked up a couple 20 ft 1/2-inch irrigation pipes to thread through each of the chases.  There are a couple areas where additional work may be required.  After the chases are clear in the rakes, we can install the zinc fascia, which is required before putting on the yellow cedar shakes.

Verifying the chases are clear is important as, once the zinc fascia is installed, the chases will only be accessible by cutting through the OSB (Oriented Strand Board) skins on the ceiling.

After the chases on the gable roofs are completed, the chases in the upper flat roof and lower flat roof must be verified.

Addressing the details now will yield a return when putting in the electrical.  Also, the chases will be important in future years when needs may change.

Taking More Construction Waste to Guadalupe Land Fill

Al and Nep had another load of construction waste, which they loaded in our truck.  This is the packaging waste from the windows, which could not be recycled.  Also, they are accumulating the recyclable construction waste, which is primarily wood scraps and mixed metal scraps. 

The bulky packaging waste must be cleared before the rain showers come on Friday and scattered through next week.

As always, Bryan takes a photo of the scale weight when entering the landfill and when leaving, so we can accurately track and document the amount of construction waste we are generating.

Arriving on the inbound scale ...

Arriving on the inbound scale ...

5,460 lbs, including truck and construction waste.

5,460 lbs, including truck and construction waste.

5,280 lbs with just the truck, so we had 180 lbs of construction waste in this load.

Leaving weight is 5,280 lbs with just the truck, so we had 180 lbs of construction waste in this load.

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