Installing Our Electric Vehicle Charging Station

As part of our house project, we decided to purchase electric vehicles.  Having an electric vehicle requires a charging station.  Currently, the Department of Energy is sponsoring the ‘EV Project.’

The EV Project is to drive the adoption of electric vehicles.  In order to drive the adoption, there must be a broad deployment of charging stations, both at the private and public levels.

Through the purchase of our Nissan LEAF, we agreed to participate in the EV Project.  For agreeing to participate, we will receive an electric vehicle charging station and this will provide data to the EV Project.  The charging station must be connected to the Internet.

Our electric vehicle charging station was installed today.  It is connected to the Internet and we will be able to charge our Nissan LEAF in our driveway after we receive it tomorrow.

Way cool …

The Blink charging station is mounted at the back of the garage wall for configuration and testing purposes. We have a wired connection to the Internet (not wireless).


One of the owners of a house on Via Sereno replaced their original Eichler exterior light. It looks good – we need to have Jerry Ditto review it …




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