Looking at Our New Nissan LEAF in the Showroom

Our new Nissan LEAF, which we registered to order on July 31, 2010, arrived at Premier Nissan of San Jose this week.

We can’t pick it until Saturday, July 30 so our sales representative, Wilson Bui, put it in the showroom. Bryan dropped by and took some photos today.

Before going to Premier Nissan of San Jose, Bryan dropped by the Tesla dealership on Santana Row to take a look at their charging systems.  The Tesla charges at 70 amps, and with a 20% derating, the circuit has to be rated for 90 amps.  Our building official in the City of Monte Sereno wants to have a shut off switch for the wall mounted charger.  The photo of the charging station in the garage in Santa Row shows the shut off switch.

Our 2011 Nissan LEAF in the showroom at Premier Nissan of San Jose.


Profile of our new Nissan LEAF.


EPA rating of 99 miles per gallon ...


Rated at 96 to 110 miles on a full charge ...


One of the 70 amp charging stations in the garage behind Santa Row. Note the shut off switch for the charging station.



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