Seeing the Progress on Our Red Front Door

Nathan Merrill is going on vacation to Canada and he called Bryan to go with him to see the progress on our red front door.

It is spectacular!

We will have to take some thermal images of the red front door to see the insulation quality.  Nathan took great care in designing the frame so eliminate internal thermal bridging and we used Aerogel’s Spaceloft insulation inside the door.  Spaceloft is R-30 per inch and we used three sheets that were 0.4 inches thick.

Nathan discussing the red door and frame with the owner of the shop that did the powder coating.


The door was covered with protective paper so we peeled it back to see the door.


The red door looks spectacular!


Nathan inspects the door and is delighted with the quality of the powder coating finish.


Nathan, wanting to see more, peels the rest of the paper back from the door.

The frame for the red door was also powder coated (black). There will be a sidelight on each side of the eight foot red door.


Our red front door, looking absolutely spectacular! The person in the photo did the sanding and powder coating on the door and the frame.



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