Taking Delivery of Our 2011 Nissan Leaf

Although our 2011 Nissan LEAF arrived last Saturday, we took delivery of it today.  Bryan took photos of the LEAF on Wednesday afternoon.  We couldn’t take delivery until the charging station was installed yesterday.

Our sales representative, Wilson Bui, had the LEAF ready and waiting in the parking lot at Premier Nissan of San Jose.  It was fully charged and waiting for us, with only 8 miles on the odometer.

Since Jo-Anne was in Kelowna, Canada after spending three weeks in Boston,  Wendy Reyna picked up Bryan and dropped him off at Premier Nissan.  Wilson Bui gave Bryan a thorough orientation and demonstration of the features of the Nissan LEAF before allowing him to leave the dealership.

Bryan was able to buzz around Los Gatos and learn about the LEAF.  Then, of course, it was over to the job site where our Blink charger is located so Bryan could test the charging system and ‘top off’ the charge.

Although Nissan recommends charging the batteries to 80%, we are charging to 100% while the house is under constuction.  Then, we will dial back to 80% charging.

The LEAF is very cool.  After the carpool stickers arrive, it will be way cool!

After a very thorough orientation and demonstration of the LEAFs controls and features, our sales representative, Wilson Bui, allowed Bryan to drive our new 2011 Nisson off the dealership at Premier Nissan of San Jose.


Our 2011 Nissan LEAF, plugged in at our job site.


The first charge for our Nissan LEAF, using the Blink charging station that the EV Project provided to us.


The Blink charging station is connected to the Internet. It gets updated statistics on the EV Project, which is shown on this screen.



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