Working with Randall Whitehead Lighting

We engaged Randall Whitehead Lighting Solutions to design our lighting. Eric Westphal of Schneider Electric and Jim Lamberty of TLA-Advantage recommended Randall when they were at our project site in April.

Randall has an office in San Francisco and Bryan worked with Randall from 2:00 to 5:00 pm.  Given the heavy traffic from San Francisco to San Jose, Bryan decided to visit a couple stores and before driving back after the commuter lanes opened at 7:00 pm.

During the session, Randall recommended that we look at some of the lights on display at Room & Board in San Francisco.  It was a great way to get a feel for some lights rather than sitting in traffic.

Noguchi lamps, similar to these, would be striking in the Atrium as they would ‘connect’ the two levels.


These Noguchi lamps are of significant size and work extremely well in this space. They would work in our Atrium.


Randall recommends that we have three large pendants over the island in the Kitchen. These pendants show the scale that Randall is recommending.


Aside from the lighting, we like the idea of having benches at the foot of each bed throughout the house. Our benches will have sides so we can store linens and other items in each bench.


Randall asked us to consider a light such as this over our table in the Dining Room. We are thinking of a similar light, which would be the same length but thinner and not as tall.


In the Snack Area, Randall recommended that we have a craft table for Nik and Kate. The problem with having a table in the Snack Area is that the space is not very wide. The solution? Use a bench on one side of the table so it could be pushed completely out of the way. A lamp, such as that shown in this display, could work well over the table.


While we may not have these exact pieces, we like the colors and shapes of these couches.


This couch has an interesting shape …


We will need a couple desk lamps. Bryan likes this desk lamp.


Bryan noticed the camera and wi-fi receiver/transmitter in the store. Note there is no electric outlet nearby as these components are using Power over Ethernet.


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