Going for a Ride in a Tesla Roadster

Al and Nep are busy getting the conduits and generator pad in place.  With everything progressing, Bryan took the opportunity to go for a ride in an all-electric Tesla Roadster.

Tesla has a store located in Santa Row, in downtown San Jose, which is where the car was located.  Bryan’s first ride in a Tesla Roadster was with Paul Fulton, who owns a beautiful blue Roadster 2.5.  Paul has a charging station in his garage, with a separate meter for just the electricity for his car.  Our charging stations will go through our time-of-use meter and we will have the E-9A rate.

The acceleration in the Tesla Roadster is breathtaking.  0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds; 3.7 seconds in the Sport model.  Our brother-in-law, Ron Smith, would love it!

The Fusion Red Tesla Roadster Sport was cool.  The color would match our red front door.

Way cool …

The forms are set for the generator pad at the back of our lot. Al will put the base rock in and then we will pour 3/4 yard of concrete on Friday.


Tesla Roadster Sport, 2.5, waiting patiently in the garage behind Santa Row in San Jose.


This is Fusion Red, which would match our red front door.


This is the Sport model, which does 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds (vs 3.9 seconds).


Shel is smiling as he drives North on Highway #17 in the Santa Cruz mountains.


Going along Lexington Reservoir on Highway #17 …


Looking behind …


We stopped by the job site briefly …


While returning the Tesla to the dealership in Santa Row, we snapped a quick photo of Bryan comparing our LEAF to the Tesla Roadster (Sue Therrien prefers the Tesla, right Sue?).

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