Taking Delivery of Our Red Front Door

It has been a very, very long time … we finally took delivery of our red front door today!  And, we have our LEED for Homes signage in place at the job site.

Taking Delivery of Our Red Front Door

Nathan Merrill, of American Ornamental Iron, started working on our red front door in late November 2010.  His smile was almost as big as Bryan’s smile when Nathan delivered the red front door and black frame safely today to the job site.

The door is 100% custom, and has a number of innovative features, including Aerogel’s Spaceloft insulation (R-36).  The door will have Valli & Valli hardware and Soss hinges.  The color will be the same as the original red front door.

Nathan took extreme care when fabricating the door.  He took the door to Spray Technology in Santa Clara to be powder coated.  The team at Spray Technology took several months to powder coat the frame and the door.  It looks spectacular!

Nathan, with a friend, picked up the red front door and frame using a trailer, drove carefully to our job site, and then backed the trailer into the garage.  Al, Nep and Bryan helped to unload the door and frame.  They secured the door and frame to the wall in the garage.


Our LEED for Homes signage, attached to the front of the house.


Our red front door and frame arrived on a trailer. Nathan backed into the project site so we could unload the door and frame easily (and not carry them very far!).


Nathan Merrill is smiling, knowing that the red front door and frame are inside the garage safely.


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