Working on our Central Vacuum and BBQ Concrete Pad

We’re working on getting the central vacuum in place and completing our exterior infrastructure.

Based on advice from Dan Singleton, we are using Sequoia Central Vacuum Systems of Menlo Park.  Michael White, owner of Sequoia Central Vacuum Systems, has unparalleled expertise with central vacuums.

Since the HVAC and plumbing is in place, the central vacuum is being installed so the electrical and low-voltage will be next (after the radiant supply-return where applicable).

At the same time, we are getting our exterior BBQ and other infrastructure in place, before we get the siding ready to be installed.  We met with representatives of Danver Stainless Steel Cabinetry at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference in San Francisco.  They have excellent cabinets that we are looking at specifying for our outdoor grill.

With the forms in place, we plan to pour 1/2 yard of concrete tomorrow morning.

Vacuum in wall. We will probably have three outlets off this 2-inch line.

The air ventilation is in the steel beam and the central vacuum is in the wall.

Both the supply air ventilation and central vacuum are shown in this photo’ Note how the air ventilation wil be hidden once the wall is furred out from the steel beam.


The central vacuum manifold is in the soffit and then goes over the dropped ceiling in the Guest Bathroom.


The vacuum enters some congested space on the North side of the East wall in the lower level …


Al and Nep set the forms for a concrete pad for our outdoor grill (BBQ). We will pour the pad that will be under the enclosed grill structure so this concrete will not be seen as it will be hidden by the kick. The remaining concrete, which will be visible, will be poured with the pool deck and other hardscape around the house.


After much consideration, we decided to extend the non-structural wall for the sliding glass pocket by 14 inches and enclose a drain from the roof. The drain will, however, be outside our thermal envelope. This will make a cleaner exterior and eliminate a zinc downspout.



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