Building the Racks for Our Solar Panels

The team from Real Goods Solar arrived at the site this morning and started working immediately.  They have a sense of urgency to complete our project as our rebate will expire on Monday, September 12.

Picking Up Our Custom Sink for the Kitchen Island

We were trying to find a Kohler 5-sided sink for our Kitchen Island.  After learning that the particular sink we were looking for was discontinued in 1993, we almost gave up hope for the sink dimensions.

After speaking with Cathy and John at the Powder Room in Los Gatos, we thought of getting a custom sink manufactured.  First, we tried to have Julien make the sink but they declined.  Then, John contacted Elkay in Chicago.

Elkay reviewed Bryan’s sketch and created shop drawings for review.  After two iterations, we signed off on the drawings and the sink went into production.

After the sink arrived today, Al and Nep cut a hole in the kitchen island mock up, and installed the sink.

It looks great!

This is an image from the internet of the five-sided Kohler sink that we were looking for. Apparently, Kohler stopped manufacturing these sinks in 1993.

Our Elkay sink is mounted in the mock up of the Kitchen Island.


Another view of the sink …


The sink works! Back into the protective box until the island is built.


We need to have a couple breakers installed in our 400 amp panel for our solar panels. One of the circuits coming from the roof will land in this panel.


The team from Real Goods Solar assembles the racks on the Upper Flat roof.


Starting to assemble the tallest of the four racks on the Upper Flat roof.


The team from Real Goods Solar made great progress today. This is the status as of the end of the day.


The rack supporting the solar panels that straddle the North gable will only be visible from the back of the pool.




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