Completing the Installation of Our Solar Photovoltaic System

Real Goods Solar completed the installation of our solar photovoltaic system today.  It rocks!  The team from Real Goods Solar is exceptional and we endorse them 100%.

Taking Deliver of our FSC-Certified Siding

Our FSC-certified siding was delivered today.  In following our principle of sustainability, we are using FSC-certified wood materials whereever possible.  We spoke with Robert Spalding from Roseburg Forest Products and he recommended that we use their FSC-certified Douglas Fir siding, manufactured with grooves every 8 inches, as it would be a close match to the original siding on our Eichler.  Chris Tritschler, from Channel Lumber, coordinated our order as we wanted clear siding, with no blemishes.

The 41 sheets of siding were delivered to the job site today.

Darryl Arrived Today

Bryan’s younger brother, Darryl, arrived today on a flight from Calgary.  Darryl has not visited us in California for several years and it was great to host his visit.  Bryan coordinatated a test drive in a Tesla (go figure).  While in the Tesla showroom in Santa Row, Bryan looked at one of the bodies of the Model S, which will be manufactured at the former NUMMI plant in Fremont, California.

On the test drive, they brought a color sample back to the job site.  We wanted to see how close the Fusion Red was to the color of our (powder coated) red front door.  Take a look at the photo below and let us know what you think.

Completing the Installation of Our Solar Photovoltaic System

With the spacing of the four arrays on the Upper Flat roof established yesterday, the team quickly completed installing the remaining 28 panels.  After a team photo, Liam Ryan and Bryan McFarland focused on completing the wiring connections and then configuring the system.  Matt Knobbe joined them to complete the installation certificate (CF-6R-PV).

Just as the system was being tested, Devon Kelly, from Builder’s Energy Services arrived at the job site to verify the installation for the rebate application.  Devon is a HERS rater and will verify the installation, perfor4mance and shading specifications as set forth in our rebate application.

The Enphase Envoy unit registered all 48 solar photovoltaic panels and recorded the generation of electricity through the system.  Liam, using a notebook at the job site, configured the orientation and layout of the solar photovoltaic system.  The final configuration that will be accessible via the Internet can be completed tomorrow.

So, the construction and installation team has now ‘passed the baton’ to Roseanne Provost-Morgan, who will file the applications for the rebate and all associated documentation (e.g., interconnection agreement with Pacific Gas & Electric, etc.).  After the City of Monte Sereno signs off on our solar building permit, Ro will submit our rebate application electronically.

It is a race to the finish line!

Installing the remaining 28 solar photovoltaic panels on the Upper Flat roof.

Bryan McFarland, on the roof over the Garage, directs his team.


The arrays are now in place ...

Load center to shut off the array on the East Gable and North Gable is hidden behind the post on the West side of the North Gable.

Completing the wiring to the load centers on the Upper Flat roof.

A quick photo of the installation team from Real Goods Solar!

The Channel Lumber delivery truck arrives with our 41 sheets of siding.

For the siding, we decided on 'Clear' grade.

FSC, of course ...

Al, Nep and Bryan unloaded the 41 sheets of 19/32 siding by hand into the Garage quickly ...

Our HERS rater, Devon Kelly, recording his findings on the Upper Flat roof.

Liam Ryan registered the Enphase micro-inverters directly from our job site.

The Envoy unit, located in the East Mechanical room, showing our solar photovoltaic system is producing electricity at a rate of 8,290 kW. This is one of the largest residential systems that Devon has verified.

A Tesla Model S, currently in the showroom on Santana Row in San Jjose.

Bryan's younger brother, Darryl, holding a Fusion Red color sample against our red front door. We think the color is a close match - what do you think?

Darryl enjoyed the test ride in a Tesla Roadster 2.5 Sport.


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