Completing the Siding on the West Wall

Dan, Al and Nep completed the siding on the West wall.  They put in the two pieces of siding on the West side of the North wall and will start on the East wall in the morning.

The best news of the day came with a phone call at 4:38 pm when Bryan received a call from Brian Loventhal, the City Manager with the City of Monte Sereno.  Brian said that they had a arrived at a potential solution to approve our solar photovoltaic system so they could do a ‘meter release’ and we could get out rebate.  Brian was going to have the City Attorney, Kirsten Powell, draft an agreement so they could release the meter tomorrow.

The deadline for our solar rebate is tomorrow …

Dan (left) and Al fitting a sheet of siding on the North side of the house.


The West side of the house, now completed. The siding has been primed and needs to be painted.


The siding on the entire West wall is now complete.


The North West corner of the house …


The West side of the North wall, by Kate’s bedroom.


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