Hosting Bob Wise’s Inspection

Since Bob Wise was in the Bay Area today, he had phoned in advance to schedule an inspection.  Bob has been a mentor throughout our construction and has inspected our progress on a regular basis.

Bob lives on Bainbridge Island in a house that he had built a couple years ago.  Bob’s first inspection of our project was on March 12, 2009 and he stood in the Wine Cellar.  Bryan toured Bob’s homes on February 26 and 27, 2010, when Bryan was returning from seeing the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada.

Recently, Bob advised us on conduit for our low-voltage wiring throughout the house.

It was great to host Bob’s visit.

Bob Wise pushes the button to close the sliding glass doors at the back of the house.

Bob Wise, standing in the Wine Cellar. Very different from the first time Bob stood in the Wine Cellar!

Bob Wise, on the roof, inspecting the solar panels. Nothing like a blue-sky California day to generate electricity!


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