Installing Our Sequoia Central Vacuum

Bryan had picked up the Sequoia Vacuum SV-700 unit today and positioned it in the garage.

Initially, we didn’t think that a central vacuum was important. The more we started the learn about the value of indoor air quality, the more we understood the importance of a central vacuum with an external exhaust.

Then, of course, we dug into the cyclonic vs. filter system and determined that we wanted to keep the outside of our house clean.

While evaluating central vacuum systems, we found that the leader in central vacuum systems is Sequoia Vacuum Systems, which is located in Menlo Park, just the other side of Palo Alto.  Earlier, we had worked on installing the collection pipes for the central vacuum system.

IAQ 8.2 Indoor Contaminant Control (1 point each, maximum 2 points).
Select from the following measures:
a) Design and install permanent walk-off mats at each entry that are at least 4 feet in length and allow accessibility for cleaning (e.g., grating with catch basin).
b) Design a shoe removal and storage space near the primary entryway, separated from living areas. This space may not have wall-to-wall carpeting, and it must be large enough to accommodate a bench and at least two pairs of shoes per bedroom.
c) Install a central vacuum system with exhaust to the outdoors. Ensure that the exhaust is not near any ventilation air intake.

Sequoia Vacuum System’s SV-700 unit installed in our garage.

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