Installing Our Solar Photovoltaic Panels

The deadline to complete the installation of our solar photovoltaic panels is approaching rapidly.  The team from Real Goods Solar is determined to meet the deadline.

The Operations Manager from Santa Cruz, Dana Farquhar, came to our project site today.  Dana is coordinating the team from Real Goods Solar and ensuring the the construction manager, Liam Ryan, has the resources he needs on site to meet the deadline.

Bryan McFarland ensured the arrays on the Upper Flat roof were spaced correctly, so no array would cast a shadow on the adjacent array.  We wondered if Green Building with Autodesk’s BIM software could be used to design the spacing between the arrays using its three dimensional capabilities.

The electric distribution panels are now enclosed and all of the components will be completed for our solar panel inspection, which is now scheduled for 1:00 pm on Monday, September 12, 2011.

The white stickers for our Nissan LEAF arrived in the mail from the DMV.  Bryan got the LEAF washed, put the stickers on, and had it waxed.  We’re ready to use the carpool lanes now!

The first pallet of solar photovoltaic panels arrived today. Our complete system will include 48 of these panels.


We purchased Sanyo's HIT-N215A01 panels. These panels are rated to generate 215 watts of power.


Liam Ryan (left) and Dana Farquhar, Operations Manager for Santa Cruz, review the installation on the Upper Flat roof. Dana is ensuring that our project has the appropriate resources from Real Goods Solar and Liam will configure the Enphase inverters.

Our solar photovoltaic panels will be seen briefly by people as they drive North on Winchester Boulevard.


Our solar photovoltaic array design has a total of six sets of 8 panels each. The Real Goods Solar team lined up one panel on each of the four arrays on the Upper Flat roof to ensure they were spaced correctly so eacharray would not cast a shadow on the adjacent array.

The spacing between the arrays on the Upper Flat roof were established today. The remaining seven panels in each of these four arrays will be installed tomorrow. We'll make the deadline!


The array on the North Gable is complete!

Side view of the completed array on teh North Gable.

View from behind the swimming pool of the completed array on the North Gable.

The covers are in place on our 400 amp electric panel. The solar photovoltaic system will have the shut-offs inside this cabinet, so it has to be ready for the inspection on Monday.

After having the LEAF washed at the carwash on Lark Avenue, Bryan put the white stickers on as required. Ready for its first wax ...

Our LEAF looks infinitely better with the white stickers!


Our newly waxed LEAF, waiting patiently for the charging system to start at 12:10 am tomorrow morning.