Building the Finished Wall in the Wine Dining

We want to have the ‘Wine Dining’ room to be special.  When Jo-Anne learned that we could buy the wood from the wine tanks at Mirassou Winery on Aborn Road in San Jose, she said ‘Do it.’

Milling the wood and creating the wall has been extremely labor intensive and time consuming.  We think it will be worth it.

Our friend, Kostas Karachristos, recommended that we use RedGard as a waterproofing membrane, which we did.

The wall in the Wine Dining is starting to come together …

The wall in the Wine Dining is coated with RedGard, which is a liquid waterproofing membrane.


Dan (left) and Adam (right) are putting the very first column of wood in place. It is important to get the first column correct, as any errors will be amplified as there are more than 140 columns of wood that will become the wall.


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