Hosting Students from West Valley College

We’ve hosted a number of site visits for various groups .in the past.  Usually, the groups are architects or construction students.  This one was a bit different as it was a group of interior design students from West Valley College.

The instructor was Linda Newton, and she was referred to us by John Mitchell and Dan Singleton.  Linda was interested in showing her students the systems comprising an energy efficient home.  Specifically, she wanted a tour to show the mechanical systems, geothermal heat exchange, solar photovoltaic system, and rainwater capture and management.

Linda estimated  that there could be some 30 students that may attend.  For such a group, we thought it would be best to have three groups of ten, with three ‘tour stations.’  Bryan recruited Ken Martin and John Rider to host two stations, with Bryan hosting the third.  Each group would spend up to 20 minutes at each ‘tour station’ then rotate.  Yes, each tour station host would have to make similar presentations three times.

The tour started promptly as planned, and went for a full 90 minutes.  We were pleased to have several of the instructors there from the Interior Design Faculty.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the tour and they wanted to see it upon completion.


Bryan provides an overview in the Atrium at the start of the tour (left to right, Esin Kariova, Cigdern Bulut, Lucile Glessner, Carol Langston, Elizabeth Goldberg and Cita Rojas.


More students …


Ken Martin presenting the technical aspects of the geothermal heat exchange and hydronic heating/cooling systems.



Ken Marting explaining how a manifold works for multiple zones.



Bryan explaining in the Atrium. Left to right, Citta Rojas, Lucile Glessner, Billy Gee, Rashmi Singh and Diane Hurd (Department Chair).


Linda Newton, who organized the tour.


Everyone liked the ‘vertical culvert’ with the water at the bottom.


John Rider presenting, using his iPad.


Wrapping up in the Lower Level …


Hosting a class from West Valley College. Left to right, Cigdem Bulut, full time faculty, Bryan, Anna Harrison, ASID, LEED AP, associate faculty, and Linda Sanford, lighting designer/associate faculty.

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