Treating Our Water

We want to have excellent water inside our house.  First, we need to get rid of the ‘scaling’ of the hard water that we have.  Second, we want the water purified so we can drink it.  Although our water in Monte Sereno is relatively pure, it is loaded with calcium carbonate, which leaves a white residue (scaling) everywhere.

We bought the equipment through Jerry Breen, who is a water ‘expert’ that lives in our community in Los Gatos.

After Jerry designed our system, we had the components delivered and now have to build the system.

First, the water is put through an activated charcoal filter, which eliminates organic materials and filters any sediments out of the water.  Then, the water goes through a potassium water softner, which eliminates the calcium carbonate that causes scaling.

Our water treatment system will be in the East Mechanical room and has the activated charcoal filter on the left, with the potassium water softener on the right. The bin in the middle is for holding the potassium cubes.


We will use the remaining copper fittings from our West Mechanical room ...


Here is the layout for one of the two components. (Don't worry, it will be easier to understand once built.)