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Configuring the Enlighten Service for Our Power Generation

One of the benefits of the Enphase system is the Enlighten web-based service that shows the status of each solar photovoltaic panel.  Although Liam Ryan completed the initial configuration yesterday, Bryan added some additional details today so the reporting is robust. Link to Enphase Enlighten System Our Enphase Enlighten system portal is as follows: […]

Focusing on Completing Our Solar Photovoltaic Panel Installation

There are multiple components to our renovation/new construction project, all of which are tightly integrated in the overall program and design, and all of which are moving forward in parallel. One of the components is the installation of our solar photovoltaic panels.  Our original plan, which we noted in our posting on September 19, 2009 […]

Pouring Two Concrete Pads

Al brought one-half yard of concrete to the job site today and he poured the tiny pads at the back of the pocket door and the side of the house for the BBQ grill. Having the concrete pads in place will allow us to continue working on the infrastructure inside the house. Excellent progress today. […]

Working on our Central Vacuum and BBQ Concrete Pad

We’re working on getting the central vacuum in place and completing our exterior infrastructure. Based on advice from Dan Singleton, we are using Sequoia Central Vacuum Systems of Menlo Park.  Michael White, owner of Sequoia Central Vacuum Systems, has unparalleled expertise with central vacuums. Since the HVAC and plumbing is in place, the central vacuum […]